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Stanley Furniture Launches New Las Vegas Showrooms

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This January Stanley Furniture reported that it will debut two compelling new showrooms on the ground floor of Building A (A-109 & 110) in the Las Vegas Design Center portion of World Market Center Las Vegas.

Together, the two showrooms will comprise more than 11,000 square feet. The “Collections” space will showcase full line flagship collections targeted at upper-end retailers and the interior design trade. These are eclectic and aspirational assortments including “jewelry items” sought after by the affluent end-customer. The “Portfolio” space is dedicated to Stanley’s popular Portfolio line that features Stanley’s smaller, room-specific collections.
Glenn Prillaman is President and CEO of Stanley Furniture. When asked what his strategy was to make these new showrooms different and better than the many choices retailers and designers currently have, he commented: “We have thoughtfully created these spaces from a blank slate working with the most talented people in the industry. The nature of Market is that customers visit one showroom after another. After awhile, it gets boring and forgettable. Our goal is to strike an emotional chord and inspire our business partners to believe: this is the right product, merchandised in a compelling way, and my clients will love it. It’s also important that everything we do is genuine and authentic to the brand, reflecting our company’s heritage and persona. As the home furnishings business evolves, we need to adapt and take a leadership role in providing effective solutions for our business partners,” he added.

The company is also opening a new 60,000 square foot showroom at 200 N. Hamilton Street in the design district of High Point, NC in April 2013. Common themes to both showrooms are architecture and display strategy. The entryway is modeled after the Stoneleigh Mansion in Stanleytown, VA, home of Thomas B. Stanley who founded the company in 1924. In High Point, the massive pediment will be carved from stone and enveloped by a custom wrought iron fence. In Las Vegas, the storied pediment’s likeness has been hand-carved by Utah craftsmen.

Stanley’s Vice President of Marketing and Brand Development Randy Wells, who is responsible for the rebranding and creative direction of Stanley Furniture, was formerly in charge of the Design Center in Las Vegas. “The pediment itself is an architecturally resplendent portal that sets the tone and sends a subliminal message that you are about to cross the threshold into someplace special; the gateway to the upper-end. It’s the details that define us,” commented Wells. “The walls are richly paneled, and the floors are crafted from fine materials including exotic limestone, oak and sea grass. Florals and unique accessories accent the furniture. The architecture and craftsmanship are like no other showroom in America.”

Equally important is how merchandise will be displayed. Rather than showing collections in predictable suites, vignettes will be displayed eclectically; as you would expect to see them in a well appointed home.

Showrooms are divided into four “houses,” each representing a unique lifestyle: Coastal, Traditional, Contemporary, and New Introductions, which highlight a combination of style categories. “We want to show product in the way that our customer’s customer expects to see it. We aren’t just creating furniture, we are creating new ways to merchandise and sell it,” said Wells. To that end, Wells hired renowned Hollywood interior designers Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield and challenged them to create memorable and saleable environments within the Las Vegas showrooms.

Each “home” has its own entrance separated by a Grand Hall modeled after Versailles. This serves as a palate cleanser to give the mind a rest before entering the next lifestyle-themed house. Both showrooms will be open year-round reflecting a new approach to meeting the needs of retailers and designers.

The showrooms in Las Vegas and High Point are just one piece of the company’s new branding strategy. In January, Stanley will also unveil a new brand mark and marketing materials that serve to honor the company’s 89-year heritage and point confidently towards its future. This brand symbol will be manifested in a variety of elements including a state-of-the-art website. “This is a really exciting time to be in the furniture business,” said Prillaman. “People will always need furniture, but how and where they buy it is changing. We want to give our customers an unfair advantage in the marketplace.”

ABOUT STANLEY FURNITURE COMPANY: Established in 1924, Stanley Furniture Company, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of wood furniture targeted at the premium segment of the residential market. The company offers two major product lines. Its Stanley Furniture brand represents its fashion-oriented adult furniture and competes through an overseas sourcing model in the upscale market through superior finish, styling and piece assortment. Its Young America brand is positioned as the leader in the infant and youth segment and differentiates through a domestic manufacturing model catering to parent preferences such as child safety, color, choice and quick delivery of customized special orders. The company’s common stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol STLY. To learn more about Stanley Furniture, visit www.stanleyfurniture.com.

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