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Bedfax.org to Drive Bedding Product Sales through Consumer Education

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The Specialty Sleep Assn. (SSA) reported that it will launch Bedfax.org, an informative website for consumers and retail sales associates, during the trade association’s winter market educational event for dealers and other attendees entitled “What’s in your mattress,” scheduled for Mon., Jan. 28, 4 to 5 p.m., in space C176 of the World Market Center.

The branded Bedfax program supports the organization’s goal to drive bedding product sales through consumer education, while promoting the SSA’s three-tier Environment and Safety™ consumer disclosure product labeling program to bedding manufacturers and dealers, according to Dale Read, SSA president.

“Women, especially moms, will continue to drive demand for safe and sustainable home goods, including bedding products, but many are confused or wary of misinformation,” said Read. “With Bedfax.org, the SSA intends to create an online resource for pre-purchase research; with the ultimate goal of connecting consumers to dealers that sell SSA certified and labeled mattresses.”

The Bedfax.org launch and educational event are sponsored by the SSA and members Innomax, Innovative Mattress Solutions, Latexco, Naturepedic, Suite Sleep, and the Marketing Arm Group.

Initially, the new site located at www.bedfax.org will feature an informative consumer-facing video, which will debut to attendees at Monday’s event. Also at bedfax.org, consumers and retail sales associates may find a glossary of terms and definitions related to environmental and safety product claims, as well as a list of manufacturers participating in the SSA program which feature consumer disclosure labels at the point of sale. Finally, interested manufacturers may learn more about the SSA’s Green Initiative and link to the association’s trade website www.sleepinformation.org.

Monday’s panel discussion format will be moderated by eco-chic interior designer Sarah Barnard of Sarah Barnard Design in Santa Monica, Calif., and is open to all market attendees. Panelists include: Chris Chamberlain, cofounder of The Clean Bedroom, with stores in Maine, California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York; and Barry Cik, founder of Naturepedic, an organic bedding manufacturer with an active product labeling program. A reception following the event will be held in the Ergo Bedroom showroom.

General inquiries to Tambra Jones, Executive Director, Specialty Sleep Assn.: tambra@netptc.net

RELATED SSA NEWS: At Las Vegas Market beginning Jan. 28, the SSA and its exhibitor members will fill 13,000 square feet in space C1565, focused on product innovation in the growing specialty sleep category. Thirty to 40 exhibiting members are expected to participate. The SSA formerly occupied a space on another floor of Building C at the WMCLV. Trade show organizers have concentrated resources for bedding and related products on the 15th floor, including the SSA.

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