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Mann, Armistead & Epperson Announces Release of Four Research Reports

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Mann, Armistead & Epperson, an investment banking and advisory firm located in Richmond, Virginia,  announced that several new major studies have recently been published and released.

These studies are available to furnishings industry executives and others interested in obtaining proprietary and timely in-depth research regarding the furnishings industry and its world activities.

They have been distributed to the paid subscribers of the Furnishings Research Collection, published by Mr. Wallace W. “Jerry” Epperson on a constant basis since 1974.  

Residential Furniture Economic Forecast – The most detailed forecast for the furniture and mattress industries available, this offers expected retail home furnishings industry projected sales plus wholesale domestic and import shipment forecasts for wood, upholstered and metal furniture and mattresses from2012 through 2016. The economic basis and detailed expectations are also provided in 31 pages with 32 illustrative charts, graphs and exhibits.

HomeCentric – This detailed report is published for the first time. It reviews the impact of the recent recession; the changing socio-demographic shifts that will significantly influence furnishings purchase decisions; the improving demand for housing and expectations for a recovery in household formations; and how new technologies will drive consumers to be more focused on the home where they will work, sleep, study and conduct even more activities in the near future. This report includes several new and upcoming technologies that will influence the home, and statistics on many home-related consumer durables detailed by age, income, race, household size and frequency of purchase. This report is 38 pages in length and contains 19 charts, graphs and exhibits.

Residential Furniture Retail Distribution Analysis – The channels of distribution for furniture and mattresses have grown increasingly complex over the past twenty years. Included is a 10-year analysis of the growth of non-furniture store home furnishings sales and furniture stores by type including single source sores and specialty stores; the impact of Ashley; the growing influence of buying groups; and an analysis of pricing including the home furnishings share of all consumer spending over the last decade. Special sections cover public company revenues for the past five years, 26 challenges for the home furnishing sector and historical retail distribution tables for 2002, 2004, 2007, 2009 and 2010. This report is 47 pages and contains 39 charts, graphs and exhibits.

The Collection draws on proprietary surveys, daily dialogues with industry leaders and coordination with industry associations and government sources to present exclusive data with accuracy, clarity, integrity and often laced with good old fashioned humor provided by Jerry Epperson and his staff.

The three individual reports detailed herein are available for purchase by non-annual subscribers to the Furnishings Research Collection. A fourth report, The Ten-Year Furniture and Mattress Import and Export Analysis 2002-2011 is also available.

To order these reports on an individual basis or to subscribe to the Furnishings Research Collection, contact Jin S. Ko (jsk@maeltd.com), Margaret LaPierre (mbl@maeltd.com) or Ryan Buhl (rsb@maeltd.com) or call (804) 644-1200.

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