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Standard Furniture Moves To New Las Vegas Showroom

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Standard Furniture  announced the opening of a new  International Market Center Las Vegas showroom in Building  C-1489. Formerly located in the same building at C-1501, Standard says that it  made this move for several reasons.

According to Vicki Garrett, Standard’s Showroom Designer, renovating this new space will allow Standard to create a “visually open modern showroom”. The new floor plan will have a freestanding customer coffee bar and café anchoring the center of the space, with product displays surrounding and revolving around this core area. This open display model allows wiser use of the space’s 25,000 square feet.

Todd Evans, President, envisions this forward-thinking new showroom as “designing a space from the ground up to perfectly fit with our merchandising mix”. He sees the open space as generating visual excitement and modern energy from the interplay of product displays without restrictive walls blocking views and segmenting design categories.

Standard is also pleased with this new showroom space as it has a desirable location with increased visibility from customer traffic in the corridors. The entrance to C-1489 is adjacent to the crossover walkway connecting buildings B and C, and is also across from the elevator doors moving customers between floors.

Evans looks forward to Las Vegas Winter Market in Standard’s new showroom. “We are excited about this positive move for Standard Furniture, and invite our current and prospective customers to come see our progressive new C-1489 showroom and experience our dynamic new product introductions.”

For more information visit http://www.standard-furniture.com/ or call 251-937-6741.  

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