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Doing Retail Right Tip #9 From Bill & Lou: Are You Making Furniture Sales Online?

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“I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet..”

- Carrie, Sex in the City.

This is the ninth in a series or excerpts from a new book by retail furniture store design and planning experts Lou Kief and Bill Walls titled, "Doing Retail Right", a new book available from the major online booksellers in print and e-reader formats.  For more information on this book, or to order, visit www.DoingRetailRight.com.  

It’s great that you have a website. But, is it making money for you? Or are you treating it like a Yellow Pages ad, making it just another thing you spend time and money maintaining?

Regardless of what type of product you sell, you can also sell it online. This includes big ticket items. If you doubt this, spend a few minutes on eBay or Amazon and browse through the categories including cars, homes, appliances and furniture. In a world of Smartphones and tablet computers, make sure your shoppers are encouraged to share information with their friends about the products they’re buying and where they found them.

Identify your best sellers and unique items and add a shopping cart to your website. Your local webmaster can get the system up and running quickly.

Remember: A shopping cart on your website is like having a second location without all the overhead.

About The Authors: Lou Kief & Bill Walls live in Guadalajara, Mexico after a forty year career helping retailers create successful stores. They share their home with Katrina,a huge, not very lady-like, Neapolitan Mastiff, three Mexi-cats; Diego, Frida & Trotsky, and Rocco, a pushy Amazon Parrot.



“After building and remodeling over 3 acres of retail space with Lou Kief and Bill Walls I heartily recommend their professionalism, expertise, integrity and creativity! I would invite anyone looking to improve sales performance or their store’s professional appearance to read their book; “Doing Retail Right!” -George Moore, COO, Wilcox Furniture, Corpus Christie, Texas

“You have given RETAIL a BREATH! I am overwhelmed by the scope, the simplicity and the heartfelt delivery.” - Steve Drake, The Villages, Florida

“Retail ideas combined with Life Lessons. I read it as a call to action for veteran retailers who are facing a crossroads.” - Pat West, West Consulting

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