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Abbyson Living Unveils Renewed Brand Strategy

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Abbyson Living announced the first phase of a rebranding and marketing campaign that includes a new logo, tagline, website and an intensified social media strategy that leverages the celebrity following the firm’s products have developed.

“Abbyson Living has always been dedicated to building our brand name in the market,” said Yavar Rafieha, vice president of Abbyson Living. “As we looked to expand our presence we realized that we needed to modernize and more clearly define our identity and position.”

The furniture designer and manufacturer, which focuses on transitional to contemporary living and dining room products, brought in LA-based MVC Agency, which specializes in brand building and marketing for upscale furniture brands, to spearhead the initiative. “Our first goal was to reposition and redefine Abbyson’s brand to better communicate their customer-oriented values, establishing it as a lifestyle-centric brand,” commented Jason Pires, MVC’s president and brand director. “Abbyson Living has now established a more meaningful connection with its audience, based on core values, which in turn supports their retailer partners,” concluded Pires.

The new brand position focuses on Abbyson’s heritage as a long-time family owned and run business, including featuring the family signature in the new logo. The company also worked with MVC to develop its new tagline “Inspired Elegance, for the Way We Live” to communicate values such as quality, style and familiarity.

The new marketing campaign includes a uniquely strategized online social platform that highlights Abbyson’s growing celebrity following, including Howie Mandel, Virginia Madsen and Jennie Garth of Beverly Hills 90210 fame.

Abbyson Living also has launched a redesigned website (www.abbysonliving.com) to offer an engaging and informative experience. “We want to reward our customers, in appreciation of the time and attention they have given Abbyson Living,” said Rafieha. “We want to offer a memorable experience through great imagery and information, but also to tell the Abbyson story. The new website triumphs in many respects.”

About Abbyson Living: Abbyson Living is an American designer, manufacturer and importer of high-quality and affordably priced living room, dining and bedroom furniture. As a lifestyle brand, Abbyson creates home furnishings that offer worldly inspirations elegantly interpreted for the American home. For more information, visit www.abbysonliving.com.

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