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Classy Art Experiments With Cyber Monday Promotion.

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Classy Art Wholesalers Inc. announced that recently experimented with its first completely digital promotion for Cyber Monday.

“The online traffic did not do as well as we had originally thought, but the online conversion rate, actual sales, were much higher than intended,” said Gabriel Cohen, Vice President Marketing.

“We were nervous about brining a consumer based tactic into a B2B world," he continued, "but we learned a lot this year, and after such success we will definitely be running a similar promotion next year. We may even look at potentially duplicating other large retail style promotions as well. We enjoyed a significant upswing in sales in a usually stale time of the year leading in to the holidays. Along with social media traffic, new subscribers to our email lists, and overall excitement both digitally and on the ground from our sales force, this promotion will prove to be a good kick start for Classy Art’s new operating platform."

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