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Furniture World Magazine Staff & Contact Information

FURNITURE WORLD's staff and account representatives of are by far the most experienced in the industry. Contributing editors are chosen for their consulting expertise in topics of intense interest to home furnishings retailers.

Editorial Staff/ Regular Contributors

Barton Bienenstock-Publisher
Russell Bienenstock- Editorial Director/CEO 
Janet Johnstone-Retail Editor
Barbara Bienenstock-Art/Design Editor
Gifford Dorival-Comptroller
Rich Jarret-Circulation Manager
Peter Marino- Frequent Contributor - Sales Education
Dan Bolger- Frequent Contributor - Transportation, Warehousing.
Joe Capillo- Frequent Contributor - Sales Management
Larry Mullins- Frequent Contributor -Advertising/ Marketing
David McMahon- Frequent Contributor - Retail Finance 
Peter Schlosser- Frequent Contributor - Furniture Repair
Hal McClamma -Frequent Contribotor - Sales Management
David Benbow - Frequent Contributor - Bedding Sales

Production Office: 1333-A North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10804
Phone: 914-235-3095
Fax: 914-235-3278
E-Mail: russ@furninfo.com
Website: http://www.furninfo.com

Sales Offices

Publisher: Barton Bienenstock, New Rochelle, NY Tel: (914)235-3095 Fax: (800)784-8488, e-mail: barton@furninfo.com.

Thelma Mason, Vice President:  thelma@furninfo.com

Gary Siegel, Sales Director & International Markets:  gary@furninfo.com

Mark Testa, Sales Manager Eastern Region: mark@furninfo.com


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